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summer backyard panoramas

Anonymous asked: "Hi I was going super far back in you're blog (not creepy hopefully ^^;) and saw that you used to have a huge poster in the background of your selfies of a fairytale castle and I was just wondering if its neuschwanstein??"

YES! It is Neuschwanstein Castle!

I did some adventuring around Germany and Switzerland when I was 16: I hiked up to the castle to spend a day running around it in awe. I bought the poster of the castle from a tiny shop in the castle and brought it back to Canada.

I still have it! I’m just in my room back home (I’m away at schooool).

london, january 2013

london, january 2013

Another video made from my England adventures. This one featuring Simon Cowell, Harry Potter and some attractive singing lads in the streets. 

Last fall a friend and I moved to England from September to February. Here are some snippets from those days. Sorry for being a douche and shooting in portrait most of the time.

Includes bits of Matt Smith, Rooster Teeth, Hey Rosetta! and several other adventures. 


It’s 6:00am here in London.. I’m still up.. I just watch tv all night (and cried - there were some good shows/sad eps on tonight). I took a 3 hour long bath while watching The Lord of the Rings and I’m still not tired. So I just went and stood in the back garden, barefooted and listened to the morning birds, all perched up in the mix-matched chimneys of these attached houses when I heard the train go by.

Why not go into the central part of the city before the sun comes up?

I have 2 hours - LETSGO

Costco Adventure Comic 

My mom bought a Costco membership for my dad so he could economize on batteries and snacks. I went along for his first trip. 

Costco is very big.

People are in a big hurry in Costco to buy as much food and televisions as they can. They moved around quickly and bumped into me with their carts a lot. Maybe I just wasn’t used to moving fast enough.

Everything at Costco is ‘economy sized’. After a few minutes I had the idea to try and find a massive jar of Nutella.

I walked down hundreds of aisles until my feet hurt, but I did not find any Nutella. I started feeling really hungry and tired so I took a break, feeling rather defeated.

But then a nice woman came over to me and offered me a satsuma!

So I got back on my feet and started exploring again with my satsuma. Costco seemed more interesting now, there were a lot of good deals. 

And then I came across what might just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


Top: My soon-to-be flat (first on the left) in Woodford Green, London

Bottom: Epping Forest, a 7 minute walk from the flat