Mind the Gap
21. Canadian. Artist. Improviser. Traveller.
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Hey! Hi there! Yes, hello!

My name is Kirsten Stackhouse (curse-ten). I go by Avender on the interwebs tho. 

I live in the Maritimes, in Atlantic Canada. 

I draw computer pictures of people I like - even though most of them are fictional or otherwise too hot to handle irl. I also do some comedy improv and am a student.

What’s money?

I’m twenty, drink ginger beer, enjoy binge-watching television shows online, worry about dying a lot, lived in England for half a year, use copics, have a fond spot of British comedy panel shows, would eat chips and dips every day if I could afford it, don’t have my full licence, am bilingual because everyone here is, have read the entire Harry Potter series more times than I can count with my fingers, collect candles and my favourite band is Arcade Fire. 

I’m also a Kuretake Design Team Member

Can I have some of that money?

Oh, right, what I look like …

Here. I am the captioned ‘wild child’ in this local news paper clipping from 2003, about to pounce on some newly released OotP swag.


I’m 10 there.

That’ll give you a good mental image of me.

What? Oh, fine. Here I am now.